Monday, August 10, 2009

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Been to a great lecture on the myths of global warming. Fascinating.
The Global Warming Trivia Quiz
The quiz will consist of 25 questions.
Editorial - A Real Bill for the Climate [Scam] -
The White House seems oddly disengaged. It has been a while since President Obama has issued a full-throated plea for a climate bill, and when his aides talk about the issue, they talk about things that are easy to sell — “energy security” and “green jobs” — rather than pushing for tough measures needed to cap emissions.

They must start doing so, if not tomorrow, the moment the Senate returns after Labor Day. The planet cannot wait much longer for serious action. The last few months have brought a mountain of new data, including an M.I.T. study suggesting that the planet could be warming much faster than previously thought. The only possible response is a strong, demanding climate bill.

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