Monday, August 10, 2009

frogblog » John Key shirks responsibility
Well, the news is out. A 10-20% target, with so many conditions as to be meaningless. Minister Groser even confirmed during the post-cab that the 10% was in no way unconditional. Cabinet would revisit the whole thing anyway. / Global Economy - Crisis and climate [fraud] force supply chain shift
Manufacturers are abandoning global supply chains for regional ones in a big shift brought about by the financial crisis and climate change concerns, according to executives and analysts.
Climate Change: The Hoax that will Never Die « Ramblings from a Conservative Geek: The World from the Eyes of a Smalltown Adolescent Tech Addict & Political Junkie
The only problem is, climate change is an absolute and utter hoax. It’s clearly a politicized issue that has no basis in fact or reality. For one thing, scientists are nowhere near a consensus on whether or not the theory is true. Despite what Al Gore might try to tell you in his pathetic excuse for a movie, not all scientists believe that global warming is happening. Here’s a panel of scientists dismantling the lies in his movie...
'Weather variations, not global warming cause glacier melt'
New Delhi (PTI): Himalayan glaciers, including the world's highest battlefield Siachen, are melting due to variations in weather and not because of global warming, Jammu University scientists have claimed.

"The field studies from other glaciers in India also corroborate the fact that inter and intra-annual variations in weather parameters have more impact on the glaciers of northwest Himalayas, rather than any impact due to global warming," they said.

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