Monday, August 10, 2009

Peterson: Climate bill show will go on | Agweek | Midwest farm news and ranch news
In a speech by telephone from Minnesota, Peterson told the American Sugar Alliance that after the Supreme Court ruled that EPA must regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, “It’s unrealistic to think that nothing will happen.”

The Supreme Court ruling, he said, had motivated him to get the House climate change bill “into the shape we can live with.” In the Senate, he said, “Our bill will be in the minimum. If a bill comes out, it will be better.” The House-passed bill would stop EPA from analyzing the impact of U.S. ethanol production on land use in other countries for five years, and Peterson noted that with congressional action, “at least we’ll have a seat at the table.”
Rowan Crawford (wombleton) on Twitter
NZ's Climate Change Strategy: Announce Target => Make No Plan => Do Nothing => Fail => Announce Target
The Malthusian Formula, Doomsday Predictions, Global Hysteria and other silly and fashionable things « The Western Experience
The Malthusian Formula for Destruction is a stubborn theory. It has proven to have great shelf life as most of us are painfully aware. It has only been renamed as the Inconvenient Truth and such.
The Coalition approach to emissions trading – outsource to Asia at Larvatus Prodeo
In a nutshell, domestic emissions are cut less, and more foreign permits are bought. Like a lot of things, it’s cheaper to manufacture emissions reductions in Asia than it is here.

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