Monday, August 10, 2009

Cameron Dueck (OPEsailing) on Twitter: [If carbon dioxide is really killing off the Muskox, why would people in the Northwest Passage behave this way?]
Anchored in Holman, would be quiet but for the constant whine of quad bikes driving in bored circles. Muskox on the BBQ
[Modeling energy conservation?]: Obama, First Family to Visit Yellowstone Aug. 15
President Barack Obama and his family will be visiting Yellowstone National Park on Aug. 15 after a visit to Bozeman as part of his summer vacation.
After his westward trip the First Family will spend the rest of an August vacation in Martha's Vineyard.
U.S. biofuel makers want CO2 credits in climate bill | Green Business | Reuters
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Makers of biofuels and plastics and chemicals made from crops want U.S. senators to change the climate bill to give them free pollution permits that would be needed to emit greenhouse gases under the legislation.
Krugman Calls for Second Stimulus, Suggests 'Environmental Policies' to 'Change Things'
“I actually think that environmental policies – the, uh a clear-cut target for emissions reduction would actually lead to a lot of business investment to change things,” Krugman said.

The Times columnist said it would be appropriate to “forcefully” experiment with “a lot of things.”

“We have to I think, try a lot of things, but we need to try them forcefully,” Krugman added.

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