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The Associated Press: Labor sec'y says green jobs hiring will pick up
LAS VEGAS — Hiring in the alternative energy industry will pick up in the next 12 months, though it will take some time before so-called green-jobs will become a bigger part of the U.S. job market, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said Monday.
Several Utah towns record lowest high temps
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Record low high temperatures are being reported throughout Utah.

Nearly a dozen different weather stations reported record low high temperatures or ties on Sunday, including Alpine, where the high was 74, and Alta, where the high temperature was 58 degrees on Sunday.
JUST SAY NEIN | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog
And who could blame them? The US government describes carbon as a pollutant; the Australian government describes carbon as a pollutant; the German media routinely describes carbon as a pollutant. Would you want a pollutant stored in massive quantities underneath your town?
Clean-Energy Summit: You Want Clean Energy? Shale Gas. - Environmental Capital - WSJ
Of course, no clean-energy summit would be complete without Mr. Gore. He repeated many familiar lines—climate change is “threatening the future of our civilization” and continued greenhouse-gas emissions are “madness”—and again wondered what future generations would say: “What were you doing, watching American Idol?”
Energy Summit draws vocal protesters - News -
"Just what the doctor ordered is a national program to re-power America," Gore said. "Sooner or later we are going to have to come to grips with the fact the climate crisis is threatening the future of our civilization."

Cameron Dueck (OPEsailing) on Twitter: [If carbon dioxide is really killing off the Muskox, why would people in the Northwest Passage behave this way?]
Anchored in Holman, would be quiet but for the constant whine of quad bikes driving in bored circles. Muskox on the BBQ
[Modeling energy conservation?]: Obama, First Family to Visit Yellowstone Aug. 15
President Barack Obama and his family will be visiting Yellowstone National Park on Aug. 15 after a visit to Bozeman as part of his summer vacation.
After his westward trip the First Family will spend the rest of an August vacation in Martha's Vineyard.
U.S. biofuel makers want CO2 credits in climate bill | Green Business | Reuters
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Makers of biofuels and plastics and chemicals made from crops want U.S. senators to change the climate bill to give them free pollution permits that would be needed to emit greenhouse gases under the legislation.
Krugman Calls for Second Stimulus, Suggests 'Environmental Policies' to 'Change Things'
“I actually think that environmental policies – the, uh a clear-cut target for emissions reduction would actually lead to a lot of business investment to change things,” Krugman said.

The Times columnist said it would be appropriate to “forcefully” experiment with “a lot of things.”

“We have to I think, try a lot of things, but we need to try them forcefully,” Krugman added.
A Day in the Life of a Right-Wing Extremist
Wonder if any in the Obama regime might be convinced — in the interest of fixing the fake global warming catastrophe – to melt down and recycle the iron fist of communism, because capitalism is a much more efficient manner of making sure everyone has money.
WA Rep. Baird defends Antarctica [climate scam] trip
Democratic Rep. Brian Baird of Washington state lashed out at the news media Monday, saying sensationalized coverage of taxpayer-funded trips could jeopardize the ability of Congress to learn firsthand about issues such as climate change and ocean acidification.

"They basically are scaring members away from the water," with the result that "we will have no one in Congress who is knowledgeable and has firsthand experience in the ocean," Baird said, referring to stories that have highlighted visits by him and other members of Congress to the Galapagos Island and the South Pole.
"The Wall Street Journal would have you believe it's an expose' of some sort. I've been talking about the trip since the day I got home" 17 months ago, Baird said. "It had a profound influence in my thinking on global warming."

Besides the South Pole and Galapagos trips, Baird said in the past year he also has been to Israel and the Gaza Strip — twice — as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and Davos, Switzerland — the latter for a meeting of the World Economic Forum.

Uk’s Green Energy Plan May Cost 17 Times More Than its Benefits

NAS: International CO2 limits unenforceable
The Community Is Restless by Mark Steyn on National Review Online
But a sick, deranged, un-American mob has put an end to all that moderate and reasonable steamrollering by showing up and yelling insane, out-of-control questions like, “Awfully sorry to bother you, your Most Excellent Senatorial Eminence, but I was wondering if you could tell me why you don’t read any of the laws you make before you make them into law?”

The community is restless. The firm hand of greater organization is needed.
ORBIS Cycle: Your Answer to the City's Traffic Jams | Walyou
Long gone are the days when one would be stuck in traffic for hours and thus contribute to the global warming phenomenon. Thanks to the new and improved ORBIS we can provide the future generations a healthy planet.
Rainforest: Burning issues | The Economist
THIS month Jennifer Balch will head into the Amazon rainforest of Mato Grosso state, in Brazil. She intends to set fire to it and find out what happens. When Dr Balch, who is based at Woods Hole Research Centre, in Massachusetts, and her 30 helpers have finished their weeklong task, 50 hectares will have been torched. “It’s pretty darn exciting, and a bit crazy”, she says, “to see a bunch of researchers running around burning down a forest.”
Global Warming - True/False? Does it matter?
In my experience when you have extremist views the truth is typically somewhere in between the extremes.
frogblog » John Key shirks responsibility
Well, the news is out. A 10-20% target, with so many conditions as to be meaningless. Minister Groser even confirmed during the post-cab that the 10% was in no way unconditional. Cabinet would revisit the whole thing anyway. / Global Economy - Crisis and climate [fraud] force supply chain shift
Manufacturers are abandoning global supply chains for regional ones in a big shift brought about by the financial crisis and climate change concerns, according to executives and analysts.
Climate Change: The Hoax that will Never Die « Ramblings from a Conservative Geek: The World from the Eyes of a Smalltown Adolescent Tech Addict & Political Junkie
The only problem is, climate change is an absolute and utter hoax. It’s clearly a politicized issue that has no basis in fact or reality. For one thing, scientists are nowhere near a consensus on whether or not the theory is true. Despite what Al Gore might try to tell you in his pathetic excuse for a movie, not all scientists believe that global warming is happening. Here’s a panel of scientists dismantling the lies in his movie...
'Weather variations, not global warming cause glacier melt'
New Delhi (PTI): Himalayan glaciers, including the world's highest battlefield Siachen, are melting due to variations in weather and not because of global warming, Jammu University scientists have claimed.

"The field studies from other glaciers in India also corroborate the fact that inter and intra-annual variations in weather parameters have more impact on the glaciers of northwest Himalayas, rather than any impact due to global warming," they said.
Peterson: Climate bill show will go on | Agweek | Midwest farm news and ranch news
In a speech by telephone from Minnesota, Peterson told the American Sugar Alliance that after the Supreme Court ruled that EPA must regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, “It’s unrealistic to think that nothing will happen.”

The Supreme Court ruling, he said, had motivated him to get the House climate change bill “into the shape we can live with.” In the Senate, he said, “Our bill will be in the minimum. If a bill comes out, it will be better.” The House-passed bill would stop EPA from analyzing the impact of U.S. ethanol production on land use in other countries for five years, and Peterson noted that with congressional action, “at least we’ll have a seat at the table.”
Rowan Crawford (wombleton) on Twitter
NZ's Climate Change Strategy: Announce Target => Make No Plan => Do Nothing => Fail => Announce Target
The Malthusian Formula, Doomsday Predictions, Global Hysteria and other silly and fashionable things « The Western Experience
The Malthusian Formula for Destruction is a stubborn theory. It has proven to have great shelf life as most of us are painfully aware. It has only been renamed as the Inconvenient Truth and such.
The Coalition approach to emissions trading – outsource to Asia at Larvatus Prodeo
In a nutshell, domestic emissions are cut less, and more foreign permits are bought. Like a lot of things, it’s cheaper to manufacture emissions reductions in Asia than it is here.
As global warming transitions to green technology...
No matter how you feel about global warming, it is clear that during our lifetimes we will move away from coal, oil and gas to sun, wind, tides and nuclear. What we're fighting about now is how quickly.
The IPCC Gets Sick of Science — MasterResource
In other words, Revkin reports that the IPCC wants to spend less time on science in their next report than they have in past reports and more time on issues for which it has no relevant expertise or comparative advantage. Of course, Revkin doesn’t put it quite that way, but that’s the unmistakable implication of what he reports.
Robert Reich's Blog: How the White House's Deal With Big Pharma Undermines Democracy
But I also care about democracy, and the deal between Big Pharma and the White House frankly worries me. It's bad enough when industry lobbyists extract concessions from members of Congress, which happens all the time. But when an industry gets secret concessions out of the White House in return for a promise to lend the industry's support to a key piece of legislation, we're in big trouble. That's called extortion: An industry is using its capacity to threaten or prevent legislation as a means of altering that legislation for its own benefit. And it's doing so at the highest reaches of our government, in the office of the President.
“Green Hell” - The Interview - Skanderbeg’s blog - RedState
Q: Can we fight back? Can we win?
A: We have to win. Look, conservatives have a million think tanks, but the left has activist groups. The left “does,” and has been “doing” for forty years now. The reality is that people on the right need to get active.
P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » 20 Theses against green capitalism
15. For many communities in the global South, these false solutions (agrofuels, ‘green deserts’, CDM-projects) are by now often a greater threat than climate change itself

16. Real solutions to the climate crisis won’t be dreamt up by governments or corporations. They can only emerge from below, from globally networked social movements for climate justice
Sea-level FALL possible
If Warmists can pick and choose the period from which they generalize, why cannot others? The generalization below is at least drawn from much more recent data than Warmists use
The analysis of 53 sea level stations, distributed all over the world, suggests a decline of sea level by almost two feet, by 2100, if it continues the downward trend observed over the last three years. Even considering the average value for the last 9 years, this would lead to a rise of only one inch during the XXI century.
American Thinker: Obama as the Wizard of Oz
Even as Science magazine is hastily backing off on the media fraud of "global warming," Obama's Medi-Scare Campaign is using precisely the same fear tactics perfected by climate fraud peddlers to take over American medical care. The similarities are astonishing -- and for a very good reason: Both global frauding and Medi-Scare are pure stage-craft, made up by Hollywood mediots who are desperate to empower the Left, because that is the only thing that gives meaning to their empty lives. But neither climate fraud nor Medi-Scare do anything to fix the dire "emergency" they are trying to scare us about.

There is no emergency: There is no global warming doom coming up, and there no crisis in American medicine. Remember that: There is no emergency. It's all completely made up, just like the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
Opinion Line | Wichita Eagle
If the administration is concerned enough about "global warming" to pass cap-and-trade, why doesn't it lead by example and tell President Obama to let the jet engines on Air Force One at least cool off between uses? Talk about a huge carbon footprint.
Front Row Washington » Blog Archive » Team Obama’s Environmental Irony Tour | Blogs |
Posted by: [Alarmist] Deborah Zabarenko
Probably only a crank would wonder just how much greenhouse gas all this official travel spewed into the atmosphere. There’s no hybrid Air Force One, after all. But it does seem like an exquisite irony that, with the best of environmental intentions, the Obama team may have stomped all over the United States with a heavy-duty carbon footprint.

Is it fair to ask that when they talk the talk, they walk the walk — or offset emissions by funding windmills or other projects that supply renewable energy? Let us know what you think.
Can Boxer hang on in 2010? - Dan Walters -
Every six years, Republicans believe that with just the right candidate and just the right amount of money, they can knock off the woman they love to hate. And they are heartened again by a new poll showing Boxer barely leading the most likely 2010 challenger, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.
Boxer also is making waves by chairing the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee's sessions on global warming in a somewhat imperious manner, drawing criticism, albeit muted, even from Democrats.
Climate Money: Monopoly Science >> 2.0:
Yet, supposedly smart people literally spend their lives trying to scare us into running around like chickens with our heads cut off worrying about AGW. Why?

As JoNova shows us, follow the money, baby, follow the money.
Need a Job? No Problem—Just Become a Leftist! « Doctor Bulldog & Ronin
While searching Craig’s List for Chicago, I entered the search term “Social Change” in the “all jobs” category… Suprise, surprise; Team Obama and his sycophants are hiring like there’s no tomorrow and money is free!
Governor Requests Federal Disaster Assistance for Michigan Farmers
Michigan is seeking federal disaster assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for farmers in 27 Michigan counties who are facing fruit, vegetable, and other frost-sensitive crop losses because of severe frost, freeze, snows, and cold weather this spring. The requests were based upon 30% or more in loss estimates calculated locally in each county.

"Maintaining the viability of Michigan agriculture is vital to the health and welfare of our citizens as our farmers grow and produce the food we eat everyday," says Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. "This disaster declaration is a fundamental first step to ensuring Michigan farmers have the additional resources they need to overcome Mother Nature's challenges and continue to provide us with fresh, wholesome products."
2007 - Governor Granholm Takes Actions to Address Climate Change, Global Warming in Michigan
"Citizens across the country are grappling with the impact of global warming, the nation's reliance on foreign oil, the rising costs of fuel, and the impact those things have on both our environment and our economy," said Granholm. "Working to reduce global warming can both put people to work and protect our environment."
SCENARIOS: Possible outcomes for Australian carbon trade laws | Green Business | Reuters
CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia's carbon trading laws are set to be defeated in the Senate this week, with conservatives, Greens and two independent lawmakers in rare agreement to oppose it.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's government needs seven more votes to pass the 11 bills through the Senate. If the laws are rejected twice, Rudd could call a snap election.
The limits of today’s electric car technology | Grist
Back in 1990, everybody assumed the digital world would be interactive TV ... before the Internet came from left field, from an unlikely instigator: the web browser. Right now, it’s too early to tell what the instigator will be for energy. In the interim, I see plenty of money to be made in both batteries and biofuels, but it will take more than current biofuels and current batteries to make the car world low-carbon. It will require a Black Swan of automotive propulsion.
Ban Ki-moon [still promoting the greatest scientific fraud of all time] - Telegraph
Climate change is "simply the greatest collective challenge we face as a human family", Mr Ban said in a speech on Monday in Seoul.
A replacement for the 1997 Kyoto protocol, which expires in 2012, is supposed to be negotiated at the summit. Mr Ban said the leaders had a "once-in-a-generation opportunity".
Twitter / jains world
Been to a great lecture on the myths of global warming. Fascinating.
The Global Warming Trivia Quiz
The quiz will consist of 25 questions.
Editorial - A Real Bill for the Climate [Scam] -
The White House seems oddly disengaged. It has been a while since President Obama has issued a full-throated plea for a climate bill, and when his aides talk about the issue, they talk about things that are easy to sell — “energy security” and “green jobs” — rather than pushing for tough measures needed to cap emissions.

They must start doing so, if not tomorrow, the moment the Senate returns after Labor Day. The planet cannot wait much longer for serious action. The last few months have brought a mountain of new data, including an M.I.T. study suggesting that the planet could be warming much faster than previously thought. The only possible response is a strong, demanding climate bill.
The First Family’s Latest Burger Foray - The Caucus Blog -
The restaurant, which specializes in burgers, served the first family cheeseburgers and its President Obama burger, which comes with horseradish mayo, red onion marmalade, crumbled blue cheese and bacon. (Several members of Mrs. Obama’s staff also joined the Obamas for lunch.)
Flashback: BE VEG! GO GREEN! - Save The Planet: Less Coal and Less Meat - Dr. James Hansen
Dr. Hansen (M): There are many things that people can do to reduce their carbon emissions, but changing your light bulb and many of the things are much less effective than changing your diet, because if you eat further down on the food chain rather than animals, which have produced many greenhouse gases, and used much energy in the process of growing that meat, you can actually make a bigger contribution in that way than just about anything. So, that, in terms of individual action, is perhaps the best thing you can do.
Guess Again about Global Warming | Spero News
The conclusion, Dickens said, is that something other than carbon dioxide caused much of the heating during the PETM. He added, "Some feedback loop or other processes that aren't accounted for in these models -- the same ones used for the current best estimates of 21st Century warming -- caused a substantial portion of the warming that occurred during the PETM.
Alternate climate [swindle] plan 'too complex' - National News - National - General - The Canberra Times
An alternative plan to tackle climate change, to be unveiled by the opposition on Monday, is too complex and won't work, says the federal government.
Instapundit » Blog Archive » HOPE: Opposition Emerges to House’s Jet Spree
Whether it goes through or not, I don’t want to hear any crap about my carbon footprint from the House leadership after this.
Obama discovers that health reform is a hard sell - RON HART - The News Herald
If Obama has his way, his health care plan will be funded by his Treasury chief who did not pay his taxes, overseen by his Surgeon General who is obese, signed by a president who smokes and financed by a country that is just about broke. What possibly could go wrong?

The Migrant Mind: Hot Times in Okemah, Oklahoma
This governmental incompetence is not exclusive to the US government. It is found all over the world. And then we believe these guys who then tell us that the world is warming--yeah right. They can't measure the temperature correctly and they want to tell us that we must all stop driving. When they measure the temperature correctly, I might listen.
Jennifer Marohasy » Defining the Scientific Sceptics (Part 9): John Izzard
IF you are going to set up a new cult, which is what the emissions trading bill [currently before the Australian Senate] is all about, you really have to get in quickly and corner all of the best descriptive and emotive words; seize the moral high ground; then get out and kick hell out of any doubters.
Australian Climate Madness: Turnbull's flawed ETS policy
How can Turnbull therefore be so blinkered as to believe the IPCC's (and the government's) spin on the causes of climate change, and be certain enough in their predictions of catastrophic climate change to burden future generations with this disastrous tax?
IEA Blog » Blog Archive » Fickle as the wind
A recent study by Pöyry Energy Consulting demonstrated that there is little correlation between wind output and customer demand.

The wind lobby airily presumes that wind gets priority. Other renewable technologies (which are planned to supply another 8% of our electricity) will be no more willing than wind to reduce output when the wind is blowing, nor able to ramp up when it isn’t. Nuclear power will not be de-rated to zero in these conditions. Whether it’s these technologies or coal and gas generators that provide balancing services, the impact on their financial returns is not proportionate to the amount of output lost, but very much greater, because of high fixed costs and low marginal costs of production.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Climate Change Skeptics Encounter Trouble In the Rockies
With the snowpack decreasing, the pikas have less insulation. That’s why, though the mountain climate is warming, the pikas are getting colder, and it’s why the American pika is in danger.
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: The Policy Lesson of Jared Diamond's Inconsistency
Jared Diamond's lunch with the FT was published yesterday. In it Diamond explains how people must change their ways or else risk a sustainability crisis, over an opulent lunch at his Bel Air mansion in Los Angeles (which, we are told, is "smaller and less gaudy" than its neighbors). Asked about this seeming contradiction, Diamond explains
Climate, Security and Politics - Dot Earth Blog -
Another reality is that while worries about climate-related instability are rising, near-term concerns about energy insecurity are already a top-tier issue both here and in China, the two dominant contributors to the planet’s greenhouse-gas blanket. China has made it clear lately that energy security there trumps climate concerns.
Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » The Anti-Obama Groundswell Begins?
Maybe, during the summer recess, the members of Congress will begin to get the picture. The first term Democratic members may begin to fear for their jobs as they hear the complaints about what they are doing. Maybe, this will be the final nail in the coffin of “cap and trade,” and the beginning of true bipartisanship on health care reform.
Al's Journal : In your community
Congress has returned home for the August recess. As Senators travel their states, they need witness a public outcry demanding they return to Washington in the fall and pass legislation to Repower America.
Open Passage Expedition
Sachs was certainly one of the more interesting stops for us on this trip. Our two-day visit produced a line I’m sure I will never hear again: “I had seal flippers at my sisters place, and I ate far too many and had a bad tummy ache when I got home. So I prefer polar bear paws. The bits are soft and chewy so we call them ju jubes!” That came from the mouth of Margaret Carpenter, who became a good friend of ours while we were in Sachs.
Hot Air » Blog Archive » And this isn’t “Astroturfing”?
Organizing for America is a subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee, and its creation was announced by Barack Obama himself almost seven months ago. It exists to pressure Congress to enact Obama’s agenda. In fact, it has no other purpose at all, except to act as ground support for Barack Obama.

As the GOP spokesperson points out, there’s a heapin’ helping of hypocrisy coming out of the Oval Office these days
Fiona Attempts Northwest Passage in 2009: An Interesting Day In Resolute Bay
On Friday we awoke at 4:30 to someone "you-hooing" from shore. My first thought was, "Damn kids." Then Joe rolled out, popped his head out the hatch and said, "Shit. Look at this." Resolute Bay was full of ice and it was moving our way.
'Desperation Time': NYT Promotes 'National Security' Climate Fears - But claims are merely 'a redux of 1970's laughable scares about famines and resource scarcity' | Climate Depot
Desperation time has arrived for the promoters of man-made global warming fears. As the science of man-made climate fears continues to collapse, new tactics are being contrived to try to drum up waning public support.
Global warming attack dogs
Nothing bothers alarmists more than the accusation that they are acting like the acolytes of a new religion. And yet not a day goes by when someone on the alarmist side acts like he's the acolyte of a new religion.
China,U.S. must "seize the day" in climate change battle_English_Xinhua
BEIJING, Aug. 10 -- China and the United States must now cooperate like never before to slow the pace of climate change, experts say.
Whatever happens, Kerry said, the two nations must act quickly. "We don't have much time," Kerry said while quoting Chairman Mao Zedong. The U.S. and China, he said, must "seize the day, seize the hour."
The psychology of climate inaction | PRI.ORG
You let me just once again state my belief, that global warming is an alarmism and it's a type of a hoax," said Inhofe.
Opposition Emerges to House's Jet Spree -
The whole thing kind of makes me sick to my stomach," said Mrs. McCaskill in an interview Sunday. "It is evidence that some of the cynicism about Washington is well placed -- that people get out of touch and they spend money likes it's Monopoly money."

Sen. John Thune (R., S.D.) says the planned purchase "is a classic example of Congress being out of touch with the realities of deficit spending."
The Sun, Not CO2, Caused Ice Age Glaciers To Melt | The Resilient Earth
Not being constrained by climate change political correctness I am free to say that once again the Sun and orbital variation trumps CO2 levels.
CBS News [is still brazenly promoting the greatest scientific fraud in history]
Ironically, the summer melts since 2007 appear to have allowed disintegrating but still thick multiyear ice to drift this year into the relatively narrow channels of the Northwest Passage, the east-west water route through Canada's Arctic islands.
At a global conference last March in Copenhagen, scientists declared that climate change is occurring faster than had been anticipated, citing the fast-dying Arctic cap as one example.
About The Project For Schools
The education sector has a vital role to play in raising awareness about the importance of rainforests in stopping climate change. To support schools in this role, The Prince’s Rainforests Project (PRP) has created this Schools website.
[It's your cell phone charger's fault]: $38bn warning on Great Barrier Reef bleaching
BLEACHING of the Great Barrier Reef will cost Australia almost $38 billion if climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions continues unchecked, an analysis has found.