Monday, August 10, 2009

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If the administration is concerned enough about "global warming" to pass cap-and-trade, why doesn't it lead by example and tell President Obama to let the jet engines on Air Force One at least cool off between uses? Talk about a huge carbon footprint.
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Posted by: [Alarmist] Deborah Zabarenko
Probably only a crank would wonder just how much greenhouse gas all this official travel spewed into the atmosphere. There’s no hybrid Air Force One, after all. But it does seem like an exquisite irony that, with the best of environmental intentions, the Obama team may have stomped all over the United States with a heavy-duty carbon footprint.

Is it fair to ask that when they talk the talk, they walk the walk — or offset emissions by funding windmills or other projects that supply renewable energy? Let us know what you think.
Can Boxer hang on in 2010? - Dan Walters -
Every six years, Republicans believe that with just the right candidate and just the right amount of money, they can knock off the woman they love to hate. And they are heartened again by a new poll showing Boxer barely leading the most likely 2010 challenger, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.
Boxer also is making waves by chairing the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee's sessions on global warming in a somewhat imperious manner, drawing criticism, albeit muted, even from Democrats.
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Yet, supposedly smart people literally spend their lives trying to scare us into running around like chickens with our heads cut off worrying about AGW. Why?

As JoNova shows us, follow the money, baby, follow the money.
Need a Job? No Problem—Just Become a Leftist! « Doctor Bulldog & Ronin
While searching Craig’s List for Chicago, I entered the search term “Social Change” in the “all jobs” category… Suprise, surprise; Team Obama and his sycophants are hiring like there’s no tomorrow and money is free!

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