Monday, August 10, 2009

Governor Requests Federal Disaster Assistance for Michigan Farmers
Michigan is seeking federal disaster assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for farmers in 27 Michigan counties who are facing fruit, vegetable, and other frost-sensitive crop losses because of severe frost, freeze, snows, and cold weather this spring. The requests were based upon 30% or more in loss estimates calculated locally in each county.

"Maintaining the viability of Michigan agriculture is vital to the health and welfare of our citizens as our farmers grow and produce the food we eat everyday," says Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. "This disaster declaration is a fundamental first step to ensuring Michigan farmers have the additional resources they need to overcome Mother Nature's challenges and continue to provide us with fresh, wholesome products."
2007 - Governor Granholm Takes Actions to Address Climate Change, Global Warming in Michigan
"Citizens across the country are grappling with the impact of global warming, the nation's reliance on foreign oil, the rising costs of fuel, and the impact those things have on both our environment and our economy," said Granholm. "Working to reduce global warming can both put people to work and protect our environment."

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