Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Right-Wing Extremist
Wonder if any in the Obama regime might be convinced — in the interest of fixing the fake global warming catastrophe – to melt down and recycle the iron fist of communism, because capitalism is a much more efficient manner of making sure everyone has money.
WA Rep. Baird defends Antarctica [climate scam] trip
Democratic Rep. Brian Baird of Washington state lashed out at the news media Monday, saying sensationalized coverage of taxpayer-funded trips could jeopardize the ability of Congress to learn firsthand about issues such as climate change and ocean acidification.

"They basically are scaring members away from the water," with the result that "we will have no one in Congress who is knowledgeable and has firsthand experience in the ocean," Baird said, referring to stories that have highlighted visits by him and other members of Congress to the Galapagos Island and the South Pole.
"The Wall Street Journal would have you believe it's an expose' of some sort. I've been talking about the trip since the day I got home" 17 months ago, Baird said. "It had a profound influence in my thinking on global warming."

Besides the South Pole and Galapagos trips, Baird said in the past year he also has been to Israel and the Gaza Strip — twice — as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and Davos, Switzerland — the latter for a meeting of the World Economic Forum.

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