Monday, August 10, 2009

The Migrant Mind: Hot Times in Okemah, Oklahoma
This governmental incompetence is not exclusive to the US government. It is found all over the world. And then we believe these guys who then tell us that the world is warming--yeah right. They can't measure the temperature correctly and they want to tell us that we must all stop driving. When they measure the temperature correctly, I might listen.
Jennifer Marohasy » Defining the Scientific Sceptics (Part 9): John Izzard
IF you are going to set up a new cult, which is what the emissions trading bill [currently before the Australian Senate] is all about, you really have to get in quickly and corner all of the best descriptive and emotive words; seize the moral high ground; then get out and kick hell out of any doubters.
Australian Climate Madness: Turnbull's flawed ETS policy
How can Turnbull therefore be so blinkered as to believe the IPCC's (and the government's) spin on the causes of climate change, and be certain enough in their predictions of catastrophic climate change to burden future generations with this disastrous tax?
IEA Blog » Blog Archive » Fickle as the wind
A recent study by Pöyry Energy Consulting demonstrated that there is little correlation between wind output and customer demand.

The wind lobby airily presumes that wind gets priority. Other renewable technologies (which are planned to supply another 8% of our electricity) will be no more willing than wind to reduce output when the wind is blowing, nor able to ramp up when it isn’t. Nuclear power will not be de-rated to zero in these conditions. Whether it’s these technologies or coal and gas generators that provide balancing services, the impact on their financial returns is not proportionate to the amount of output lost, but very much greater, because of high fixed costs and low marginal costs of production.

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