Sunday, August 9, 2009

Open Passage Expedition
Sachs was certainly one of the more interesting stops for us on this trip. Our two-day visit produced a line I’m sure I will never hear again: “I had seal flippers at my sisters place, and I ate far too many and had a bad tummy ache when I got home. So I prefer polar bear paws. The bits are soft and chewy so we call them ju jubes!” That came from the mouth of Margaret Carpenter, who became a good friend of ours while we were in Sachs.
Hot Air » Blog Archive » And this isn’t “Astroturfing”?
Organizing for America is a subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee, and its creation was announced by Barack Obama himself almost seven months ago. It exists to pressure Congress to enact Obama’s agenda. In fact, it has no other purpose at all, except to act as ground support for Barack Obama.

As the GOP spokesperson points out, there’s a heapin’ helping of hypocrisy coming out of the Oval Office these days
Fiona Attempts Northwest Passage in 2009: An Interesting Day In Resolute Bay
On Friday we awoke at 4:30 to someone "you-hooing" from shore. My first thought was, "Damn kids." Then Joe rolled out, popped his head out the hatch and said, "Shit. Look at this." Resolute Bay was full of ice and it was moving our way.
'Desperation Time': NYT Promotes 'National Security' Climate Fears - But claims are merely 'a redux of 1970's laughable scares about famines and resource scarcity' | Climate Depot
Desperation time has arrived for the promoters of man-made global warming fears. As the science of man-made climate fears continues to collapse, new tactics are being contrived to try to drum up waning public support.
Global warming attack dogs
Nothing bothers alarmists more than the accusation that they are acting like the acolytes of a new religion. And yet not a day goes by when someone on the alarmist side acts like he's the acolyte of a new religion.

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